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Military Life

by John Beale

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Tech. Sgt. Tracey McArdle of Edinboro embraced her son, Tyler, 7, minutes before being deployed with the 911th Air Wing of the Air Force Reserve, which was flying injured soldiers out of Iraq, among other duties.

Sgt. McArdle also has a 4-year-old daughter, Samantha.

She has made four trips to the Persian Gulf in support of troops fighting in Iraq.

Sgt. McArdle has been back home since Dec. 1.

More photos by John Beale



Share Your Story with the Military Channel

The Military Channel is seeking personal videos from members of the U.S. Military to let soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines tell their story directly to viewers.

Real-life moments captured on film by service members will be broadcast on the Military Channel as part of a new on-air programming initiative. Servicemen and women anywhere in the world who brought a camcorder with them on a recent deployment, or those who currently have a camera with them on the frontlines, can submit their videos directly to the Military Channel.

Additional information is available from a recent DOD release:

As well as a recent piece that aired on the Pentagon Channel:

Personal videos can be submitted online at, or mailed to the address below. Or email for more information.

Mailing Address:
Discovery Productions
8045 Kennett Street
Silver Spring, MD 20910

The Military Channel is owned and operated by Discovery Communications, Inc. More information about Discovery and its businesses can be found at

How I Lived My Life When My Dad Deployed
By Nathan Wright as told to Arlene H. Hull for LIFELines
I was 12 years old when my dad, CDR David Wright, deployed to Iraq. For several years my family - my parents, my brother and two sisters, and I - had lived in Pensacola, Fla., where my dad was assigned to Pensacola Naval Hospital. I knew about the war. I had seen the news about our military forces in Afghanistan, and I knew there was a possibility that my dad would go. But a possibility and reality are two different things.   More

Military Family Research Insititute

Perdue Univerisity
News of interest to the Military Community

The Military Family Research Institute is a cross-departmental research program housed at Purdue University and funded by the Department of Defense, Office of Military Community and Family Policy. The mission of MFRI is to conduct interdisciplinary, multilevel research that provides insight into the impact of quality of life factors on military members and their families.DoD Plans to Boost Military Child Care

Military Severely Injured Joint Support Operations (MSIJSO) Center
America Supports You: Group Links GIs to Families for Holidays
Soldiers Can Get Family Life Consultant
Combat Stress Unit Returns to Iraq
DoD Launches Deployment Health, Family Readiness Library
Army to Implement Virtual Family Readiness Groups
Army Reserve Launches New Website

MFRI News Archive

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Children's Network International

Military Family Assitance Program

CNI's MFAP was starting to help our military families while their spouses are fighting for our freedom. We can never do enough to help our brave men and women in uniform as they serve this great country. We currently send our Love Cartons full of food and personal care items to bases all over the country.

If you would like to help us send these boxes please write in your memo section of your check "Military Families" and we will send the box in your name.
If you know of a military family that needs our assistance, please let us know. Thank you for your support of our military. >>>link to for more information

Making Ends Meet

Being a military wife or mom can be stressful enough without having to worry about money, but many do. There are lots of little tricks and tips that military families can take advantage of to help stretch their hard-earned dollars. Here are a just a few.

Take Advantage of  Discounts
Many retail stores, restaurants, and recreation facilities offer discounts to military families. Getting your discount is as simple remembering to ask.  Some of the retailers include Foot Locker, Sears Portrait Studio, and many more.  For a partial list, visit:





Fat at Walmart

Where you shop for groceries may affect your weight. Full Story

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Fox News Today: Religion is Good for Kids

A study being published by the Mississippi State University shows that religion is good for kids. Full story

.ChoicePoint® ADAM Program
Opt to have your company receive faxed alerts about missing children in your area.

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Military Families Speak Out is an organization of people opposed to the war in Iraq who have relatives or loved ones in the military. Our membership currently includes over 3,000 military families, with new families joining daily. If you have family members or loved ones in the military and you are opposed to this war,   >>>>more


The AdoptaPlatoon Soldier Support Effort™ founded in 1998 is a nonprofit 501C-3 organization managed nationwide by volunteer mothers.

American Flag Etiquette
Show your patriotism proudly! Learn how to properly display your flags.

American Red Cross
You can help the Red Cross keep military families connected with a gift to Red Cross Military Services.

America Supports You
Show Your Support - How You Can Help

Employer Pin Program - For Members of the Guard and Reserves

Parent Pin Program - For all Active, Guard and Reserve members in the United States Air Force

Spouse Pin Program - For all Active, Guard and Reserve members in the United States Air Force and civilian employees of the Air Force

Support Our Troops
From the Department of Defense.

Please donate today and as an added bonus, you will receive the official USO Screensaver FREE!

Your Guardians of Freedom Pin Programs

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FDA Pet Food Recall
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Therapy Dogs
Therapy dogs Frankie and Chloe visit kids and the elderly. Full story

Homemade Cat food recipes

Home made Dogfood recipes

Chow time!- With the cat food recall bringing so much media attention, it's a good time to study the methods commonly used to prepare commercial cat and dog food...what you don't know COULD hurt your pet.Full story...

yellow cow
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Foster Kitty~ a victim of the Menu Foods recall
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