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Play Smart


Grow your brain

Playing games has been proven as a way to make you smarter. It fosters neural connections in the cortex of the brain, which promote problem solving skills.

Games are good for young children as playing helps to teach patience, persistence, hand eye coordination, and it also helps induce a love of mental challenge.

Older players will notice that playing games and solving puzzles helps to maintain mental quickness. It's true what they say: if you don't use it, you lose it.

Here are some free games to help you build you brain mass.

AudioRemember A memory-building game for the ears. Start AudioRemember
BlackJack A casino card game. Start BlackJack
Supermind Use your reasoning skills to find the right sequence. Start Supermind
Packbag Pack your suitcase without forgetting anything. Start Packbag
ScrollPuzzle Put the picture tiles in the right places. Start ScrollPuzzle
Packets Fun by the truckload. Start Packets
Remember4Colors Remember the right colors. Start Remember4Colors
Siggi the Sea Horse Siggi in the big sea horse race. Start Siggi the Sea Horse
Blocker Click colorful stones away to earn points. Start Blocker
Puzzle A classic puzzle: Rotate the puzzle pieces until they fit to make a picture. Start Puzzle
Virus Mr. Nerd collects computers and diskettes and hunts viruses! Start Virus
Start Quiz Stimulating questions and answers in various levels of difficulties.



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