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The following websites have been checked by How to Family and are certified as fun, kid friendly, educational, and safe.    

It is recommended that you always monitor your children's access to the internet. It's never too early to educate your kids about personal saftey on the internet. Read more...

Arthur the Aardvark
Meet Arthur, "the world's most famous aardvark", his best friend Buster, his puppy Pal, and the rest of the gang as you play games, color, read stories, learn about the show's characters, and more.

There's lots to do at Bananaboo! 4 to 8 year olds will enjoy Bananaboo's big selection of puzzles, stories, craft ideas, jokes, coloring pages, cut-outs, cartoons, and more.

Ben & Jerry's Fun Stuff
Join ice cream makers Ben & Jerry for fun online games, printable activities, desktop wallpaper, and other fun stuff.

Berenstain Bears Activities
Join the Berenstain Bears for dress-up games, trivia, mazes, interactive stories, coloring book fun and more.

Billy Bear's Playground
For games, activities, and educational content, kids can always count on Billy Bear for a good time! Pick and choose from the site's wide variety of fun activities, coloring pages, story books, drawing lessons, animal, dinosaur, and holiday sections, worksheets, postcards, crafts, clipart, and so much more.

Billy Bear's Winter Activities
Learn to make a snowman snowflake, play Winter & Arctic Animal games, and get directions for making a snowman and snow angel. Free downloads for screen savers, wallpaper and jigsaw puzzles.

Blocks - A Digital Building Toy
Use a simple programming language to create blocks and move them around. Take a look at the Quickstart Guide and experiment with the commands until you get the hang of it, then create a scene as simple or complex as you like!

Bob the Builder
A visit to Bob the Builder's town is always full of fun and interesting things to do. Help Bob put away the tools in his tool shed, assemble radiator pipes in Wendy's home, help Mr. Dixon with his deliveries, or choose from six other activities.

The Book of Pooh
Read an interactive story and help Pooh invite Piglet, Rabbit, or Tigger to breakfast by spelling their names, make some music with the musical honey pots, or play a fun game or activity. It's tigger-rific!

Bry-Back Manor Activities
Lots of early educational activities which deal with the alphabet, time, mazes, healthy food, etc. Designed to be printed out and colored.

Bungalo Books
Color a picture, connect the dots, read a story, send a card to a friend, and take a drawing lesson from John Bianchi.

Chateau Meddybemps Online Activities
Features fun and educational activities for preschoolers which teach spatial concepts, matching skills, color recognition, and early writing skills.

chessKIDS academy
Designed especially for kids, this excellent guide to the game of chess offers interactive online lessons and quizzes, chess movies, and a challenging online chess game. Created by Richard James, who has been teaching chess to kids for over 25 years.

Chevron Cars
Visit all your favorite Chevron Cars, take a scenic Road Adventure, play games, or pull into the Garage for your own personalized web site. There's lots of fun stuff to do, so start your engine and head on over there!

Clifford the Big Red Dog
Join Clifford and all his friends for games, coloring, a story, and cut-outs fun. Also included is a TV schedule for the show and ideas for offline activities.

Enjoy plenty of pictures to print and color, arts & crafts, stories, send someone an E-card, or take an inside look at the Crayola factory. Includes sections for parent and educators.

Visit the animated land of CYKE and learn about emotions at Adventure Station, read interactive stories at Mullet Point, or visit other areas to learn about animals, US states and presidents, parts of the body, and much more.

Dora the Explorer
Get ready for fun and adventure with Dora the Explorer and her best friend, Boots! Play online games, read a story, learn how to say words in English and Spanish, color a picture online, plus lots more.

Dr. Seuss's Seussville University
The centerpiece for this excellent site is Seussville University, where children can learn basic reading, math, science, and reasoning skills through online games and activities.

Draw and Color with Uncle Fred
Step-by-step instructions which teach how to draw a number of different characters and animals.

Fun With Spot
At this Official Spot Website you can play interactive games when you visit the park, beach, farm, or join Spot at a party. Also included are activity sheets, a biography of Spot's creator, Eric Hill, plus much more.
At Funology, science is all about having fun! But that's not all. Besides fun facts and experiments you can perform, you'll also find crafts, recipes, magic tricks, jokes, and a whole lot more.

Join the gooey gang at GameGoo for a delightful collection of activities made for children in the Kindergarten through 2nd Grade age groups. Each game teaches as it entertains and features spiffy graphics, animation, and sound effects. Get your share of gooey fun today!

Games Kids Play
Here's a great assortment of games you can play at home or school. The entire collection includes instructions for over 100 classic games like Piggie Wants a Signal, Sardines, and Duck Duck Goose. Fun!

Haring Kids
Artist Keith Haring was devoted to kids. At this site, he shares his vision of art with them and inspires them to discover their own creative side. Activities include games, puzzles, pictures to color, stories and more. Lesson plans for each section are available to teachers.

Hershey's Syrup Kids Zone
At the Hershey's Syrup Kids Zone you can color, play online games, find recipes, and take advantage of a Party Planner. It's full of chocolaty goodness.

Hop Pop Town
At this cute site for 3 to 10 year old children, there are fun sounds to be played and simple stories to be made! Children can choose from 6 activities like 'Sounds of the Street', where they can improvise and record musical sequences.

Jan Brett's Activity Pages
Download and print coloring pages and masks, fun projects to make, learn to draw a bear and other animals.

JoJo's Circus
Kids can have a blast at Jojo's Circus! Join Jojo and his friends for a fantastic assortment of games, activities, musical fun, plus a cute interactive story.

Julia's Rainbow Corner
Children can choose from 4 fun-filled areas to play and learn in at this great, easy to use site. Each section contains games, animations, and music that introduce subjects like numbers, letters, reading, spelling, animal sounds, and more.

Kids' Castle
Do you like skunks? Who is your favorite singer? Let the world know! Kids' Castle lets you post your thoughts and read articles on a wide variety of subjects like science, animals, personalities, sports, history, and more.

You'll find lots of great ideas for quality art and craft projects at KinderArt. Be sure to check out the sections for younger children, and seasonal crafts too!

Teach children about plants, nature and the outdoors with these gardening tips, ideas and activities.

Kites and Kite Flying
Information and tips on kite flying, what to look for when choosing a kite, safety precautions, and tricks advanced kite flyers can learn. Also includes a nice history of kites, and links to lots of other kite sites.

Dazzle your friends with your brilliant artistic abilities! Draw with "light" with this online version of the popular art toy, Lite-Brite.

Little People Activities
This nice Fisher-Price site features educational games, coloring pages, cute stories, and a downloadable screen saver and wallpaper. The little people in your house should enjoy it!

Lissa Explains it All - HTML Help for Kids
Want to make a web page but don't know where to start? Let Lissa help you out! You'll find everything you need to know from the basics, to how to make frames, tables, and more. Great for adults too!

Little Animals Activity Center
Very cute, entertaining site for younger kids where you can play math, word, and music games, read a story (excellent with sound option turned on), and more, with a fun collection of animal characters.

Little Critter
Learn about Little Critter as you enjoy his funny jokes, color pictures, solve tricky puzzles, watch cool Shockwave movies, and more. Also includes information on Little Critter's creator, Mercer Mayer.

The Magic School Bus Activity Lab
Pictures to color plus other fun and educational activities.

Put together story puzzles, make noisy pictures in Stamps & Stomps, publish your own stories and poems, lots more.

Monsters by Kristen
Attention all monster lovers! Here's a collection of not so scary monsters, (and a slug or two), expertly drawn and animated by Kristen Ankiewicz.

National Geographic Kids
Get ready to have a wild and fun time at National Geographic Kids! This brand-new site offers visitors a wide variety of original games, creative activities, true stories of adventure and discovery, and videos of wildlife and cool places from around the world.

Looking for a pet? Then visit NeoPets and find a great one online! Choose the species you want your pet to be, then make it your own by naming it, deciding if you want it to be a boy or girl, choosing its color, and more. View the Flash Tutorial to learn how to feed your pet, play games, and more.
How much do you know about the environment? Do you want to test your knowledge? Or maybe you just like to have some fun! Check out the pages above and you'll find exciting games that can teach you more about the environment.




Fat at Walmart

Where you shop for groceries may affect your weight. Full Story

Teens- WHAT in the world are they saying???! -
Your guide to teen lexicon, urbonics, slang, ebonics and everything you never knew you'd need to know when it comes to teen-speak. Caution- much of this is not for the faint of heart. Slanguage...

Fox News Today: Religion is Good for Kids

A study being published by the Mississippi State University shows that religion is good for kids. Full story


ChoicePoint® ADAM Program
Opt to have your company receive faxed alerts about missing children in your area.

Internship Opportunities
Become an intern at the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

Missing Kids Online Alerts
Download this free program to be instantly notified of missing-children alerts issued by the National Center for Missing &
Exploited Children.

Pictures Work!
Join a campaign to raise awareness about the importance of pictures in recovering missing children.

Poster-Partner Program
Receive E-mail alerts about children who become missing in your area.

RSS Feeds
Receive missing-children alerts in RSS format.

Volunteer Opportunities
Become a volunteer for the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

Wireless AMBER Alerts
Receive AMBER Alerts as text messages on your wireless device.

Rescued an animal? didn't ask for it, but here it is, cute, wild, and too young to survive. Full story...

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FDA Pet Food Recall
- updated daily. Full story...

Therapy Dogs
Therapy dogs Frankie and Chloe visit kids and the elderly. Full story

Homemade Cat food recipes

Home made Dogfood recipes

Chow time!- With the cat food recall bringing so much media attention, it's a good time to study the methods commonly used to prepare commercial cat and dog food...what you don't know COULD hurt your pet.Full story...

yellow cow
What are they feeding your food?Full story...

Foster Kitty~ a victim of the Menu Foods recall
Full story...

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