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   Foster's Story
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Foster's story

Foster was named for her undying affection for kids. She was literally like a Foster mom to them, running to get Mommy when they cried, and enjoying every minute with the babies. She'd nudge and lick them when they let her, and she patiently sat there while the kids were dressing her in Mr. Potato Head's clothes.

In December she fell ill suddenly. One morning she could barely walk, and when we took her to the vet, they diagnosed kidney trouble. She got a little better, then got worse again. She'd go through cycles of getting better then nearly dying every two or three weeks or so.

Eventually the vet diagnosed total renal failure. Although her weight loss was dramatic, she was still walking around bright eyed and happy, and staying next to 'her' kids whenever she could. We just didn't think it was time to put her down.

I knew in my heart that she'd let us know. Her eyes were still bright and clear, and she came when she was called. The problem was, she wouldn't eat more than a tablespoon every day or two. Her weight dropped, and eventually she needed daily administration of subcutaneous fluids. The vet came to the house and showed us how to give it to her. She put up with it every day for over a month like the little trooper she was.

On Valentines Day I came home from work and saw her in our bed listless and unmoving, and I knew then it was time. We took her to the vet and had her put down while we held her in our arms; my husband and I both cried like babies.

Foster was a victim of the poisoned cat food recalled by Menu Foods. She now resides in Heaven where we'll see her again one day.



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