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Lakeland Sun and Fun Airshow
April 2007

If you had the pleasure of attending the 2007 Lakeland Airshow Sun-n-Fun airshow, then you already know how absolutely perfect the week was for flying. If you were unable to make it out there this year, then it is my pleasure to hand you some pictures from day two of the event. The show that day (Thursday) was primarily limited to warbirds, although there were some stellar performances by Patty Wagstaff in her Extra 300 and Steve Oliver in the Sundancer.
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Landing a Chinese CJ6a (restored warbird) after the airshow.

Growing Older

Have you ever considered how it affects the youngest members of the family when the oldest ones start to decline? Think about the message you're sending to your own children when you show how valuable the aged members of your family are. When your older parents forget things and they need extra help to get around, this is your golden opportunity to demonstrate exactly how to handle it. The way you treat your aging parents and grandparents will be the way that you are treated when your time comes along.

Teach your children now, and teach them how. Show them how to be patient when Grandma needs help lacing her shoes, or when she forgets where she put her book. Give your kids the coping tools they'll need to have when you start to slow down.




Fat at Walmart

Where you shop for groceries may affect your weight. Full Story

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Teens- WHAT in the world are they saying???! -
Your guide to teen lexicon, urbonics, slang, ebonics and everything you never knew you'd need to know when it comes to teen-speak. Caution- much of this is not for the faint of heart.Slanguage...

Fox News Today: Religion is Good for Kids

A study being published by the Mississippi State University shows that religion is good for kids. Full story

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Opt to have your company receive faxed alerts about missing children in your area.


Recipies of the Day
lowfat,low carb, veggie, dessert and breakfast

Rescued an animal? didn't ask for it, but here it is, cute, wild, and too young to survive. Full story

Blue Buffalo press release

FDA Pet Food Recall
- Even though the media coverage has died down, there are still new recalls being issue by the FDA almost daily. Read them here. Full story

Therapy Dogs
Therapy dogs Frankie and Chloe visit kids and the elderly. Full story

Homemade Cat food recipes

Home made Dogfood recipes

Chow time!- With the cat food recall bringing so much media attention, it's a good time to study the methods commonly used to prepare commercial cat and dog food...what you don't know COULD hurt your pet.Full story...

yellow cow
What are they feeding your food?Full story...

Foster Kitty~ a victim of the Menu Foods recall
Full story...

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