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The following dictionary was created and written by Fred Lynch. It is part of a terrific website called "The Source" for youth ministry- helping youth workers reach kids.

A note from Fred Lynch, the editor of this dictionary:

Fred Lynch
Fred Lynch
This dictionary isn't so you can try to talk like someone you're not. But it is a good reference for those who are seeking to understand a piece of youth culture today. No ... every kid doesn't use all
What's a Fo' Sheezy

of these words. But this is a comprehensive list of many of the words you'll hear, in part.

Two Things You Want to Know: Before you scroll down and check out our free dictionary below, you'll want to know two things: 1. You'll want to check out his brand new book What's a Fo' Sheezy (the picture to the right). This book is a great resource to anyone who wants to get a better understanding of youth culture and for anyone looking for discussion starters with kids. This book provides over 300 questions from slanguage to get kids talking, laughing, debating and thinking. 2. CLICK HERE to read an excerpt from this new book and find out more about where this slang comes from. Who is Fred Lynch?

The Dictionary

This "slanguage" represents today's culture and many of the problems that go along with it. Although much of it is humorous, a good portion of it is very offensive. Many of the words are terms for sexual activity and drug use. Many of the examples given are common quotes from youth today- these quotes, although somewhat edited, can be foul or vile (sadly, all the below phrases can be said in a PG movie). I believe this dictionary has educational value in helping youth workers understand teen mentality and culture, but please do use discretion.


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Back to Top "minute" or "a minute"
1. A long time.  Not just 60 seconds.  "Dang! I haven't seen you in a minute, girl, where you been?" 

Back to Top 'All days'
1. 24 inch rims for a car.  "Did you see Jr. on them new 'all-days' he got?" 

Back to Top 06'n
1. Lesbian activity.  "Watch out pardna, yo girl is 06'n with my sista!" 

Back to Top 187
1. v. murder. Derived from the police call sign. 

Back to Top 2 cents
1. advice or opinion.  "Ain't nobody askin' you for yo 2 cents!" 

Back to Top 211
1. The police call sign for a robbery. 

Back to Top 211 (two-eleven)
1. a carjacking. Derived from the police call sign. 

Back to Top 24-7
1. adj. Twenty-four hours a day-seven days a week.  "Seven Eleven is open 24-7." 

Back to Top 3 Strikes
1. Highly controversial category of statutes enacted by state governments which require the state courts to hand down a mandatory and extended period of incarceration to persons who have been convicted of a serious criminal offense on three or more separate occasions. These statutes became very popular in the 1990s.  "Louie got caught last night w/ some weed so you know he 3 strikes & out." 

Back to Top 411
1. n. Information. Derived from the phone number for information.  "I need the 411." 

Back to Top 420
1. see "four-twenty" 

Back to Top 5 - 0
1. n. (pronounced "five oh") A policeman.  "Watch out! 5-0!" 

Back to Top 8 ball
1. (n) Malt Liquor or Old English 800, a popular alcoholic drink in the hood.  2. (n) In drug terms, an eighth of an ounce. 

Back to Top a minute
1. A long time.  Not just 60 seconds.  "Dang! I haven't seen you in a minute, girl, where you been?" 

Back to Top a'ight
1. (Pronounced "ite") All right 

Back to Top Ace Boon Coon
1. A euphemistic way of saying my ni**a or my best friend. Note: because of the use of the word 'coon' this is a very explosive word just like the 'N' word.  African Americans may use it among themselves, but it is rude (and grounds for a beat down in some circles)for someone of another ethnicity to use it.  In other words, it's an 'off-limits' word.  "Johnny and me been down since we was shorties.  You know he my Ace Boon Coon." 

Back to Top all that
1. of a superior nature; wonderful or attractive.  "Jaquin think he's all that." "That song is all that and a bag a chips!" 

Back to Top all up in my biznezz
1. when someone is meddling in your affairs or dealings. They are "in your business."  "Quit asking about my girl . . . why you all up in my biznezz?" 

Back to Top all up in my grill
1. the act of being in someone's face.  "Yo, you don't need to be all up in my grill unless you want me to put that smack-a-lack on ya!" 

Back to Top all up in the kool-aid
1. v. in someone's business.  "That's between me and Brian- don't be all up in the kool-aid!" 

Back to Top Already
1. Slang for, "You already know". An acknowledgement like, "True-that" or "You know this"  "You goin' to the party tonight?  Already." 

Back to Top anchors
1. Custom made wheels or rims for your car.  "I made it big in the rap game & bought a car for my ma; now she sittin' on 20 inch anchors-readin' about her boy in the newspapers." 

Back to Top audi or audi 5.0
1. To leave or depart.  Derived from a play on the way 'outie' sounds **Also see outie or ‘outie 5000’.  "This party is weak-I’m audi 5.0 . . ." 

Back to Top aw yea
1. Oh, yes. 

Back to Top aw naw
1. An expression used to express disagreement or disbelief.  As if to say, “Oh, it isn’t so!”  "Your man was with Jen last night." "Aw naw!" 

Back to Top ax
1. ask.  "Let me ax you somtin!" 

Back to Top B
1. Your a brother.  2. Some youth still use this as a derogatory term for a female, short for bit** 

Back to Top ba dink-a-dink
1. small rear end of a female.  opposite of a ba dunk-a-dunk.  "She all little, but I'll hit that ba-dink-a-dink like it was some ba-dunk-a-dunk!" 

Back to Top baby daddy
1. a male, often a boyfriend or an ex-boyfriend. Most often means the father of, or someone who provides for, a female's child. Derived from  "he is my baby's daddy." "When my baby daddy get back, he'll bust you in your grill!" 

Back to Top bacon
1. A term for the police.  Derived from the earlier reference to police as “pigs.”  "You smell bacon?  Oh snap!  Here comes 5.0." 

Back to Top badunkadunk
1. n.  A large rear end that looks good.  **Also “junk in the trunk.” 

Back to Top baggin
1. v. To pick up on someone of the opposite sex.  "Oh, Sherri baggin’ Mark."  2. v. To make fun of or to ridicule  "Rasheed was baggin' on Dre' yesterday so hard that they almost got into a fight." 

Back to Top bait
1. adj. To describe a location as unsafe, or high profile.  Usually refers to the danger of being caught by police.  "I ain’t smokin’ here, this place is mad bait."  2. adj. To describe a person who is too young to date or have sex with. aka: jail bait  "Man, you tryin to get with that girl and you know she ain't nothin but bait'" 

Back to Top baked
1. adj. The effect of smoking a lot of marijuana. To be stoned.  "John's eyes are all bloodshot, I think he got baked at recess." 

Back to Top ball up
1. An exclamation stating the beginning of a basketball game. A statement clarifying that it is time to start or resume playing basketball now that everyone is ready. 

Back to Top balla'
1. n. Someone who flaunts money.  "Check out that baller over there . . . let's jack his car!" 

Back to Top ballin
1. v. To flaunt money. To be noticeably rich.  "Yo . . .check out his Mercedes . . . he ballin!" 

Back to Top bamboozled
1. v. to get tricked or decieved.  "We've been hoodwinked, tricked, bamboozled! We didn't land on Plymouth rock, Plymouth Rock landed on us!" 

Back to Top bammer
1. n. The cheaper, brown leaf marijuana.  2. Something or someone who is NOT good or poor quality. Usually in the rural since of the phrase 'ghetto'.  "Man, that CD is bammer!" 

Back to Top bang
1. n. Any party, but especially a party where promiscuous girls may be present.  "Let's check out that bang at Jo's crib tonight."  2. v. to have sex.  "Check out that squirrel. Ooooo . . . I'm gonna bang that tonight!"  3. v. to fight. 

Back to Top bangin'
1. adj.1- to discribe how good or intense a thing is  "Yo man that new song by Tha Game is bangin!"  2. verb.-Running with a gang. (gang-banging)  "I heard Jr. is bangin' now since he's been running with them kids on 81st street." 

Back to Top bank
1. money.  Usually a lot of it.  "He got bank!" 

Back to Top bay
1. Derived from “baby.”  A term of endearment towards the opposite sex. 

Back to Top be easy
1. A plead for someone to calm down or relax.  "Girl what you trippin for? Be easy!" 

Back to Top beast
1. 1. n. Someone who excels in any area, but used most often used toward someone who dominates on the basketball court.  "Shaq is a beast on the court." 

Back to Top beat
1. ugly or unattractive.  ""Girl I don't know why you talkin' to him, that fool beat from the front to the side and even in the back."" 

Back to Top bee-atch
1. A way of saying the word “bitch.” 

Back to Top benjamins
1. money. Usually hundred dollar bills, hence the reference to Benjamin Franklin on the U.S. 100 dollar bill.  "It's all about the benjamins." 

Back to Top bent
1. a skewed impression of reality.  "You got me bent, I ain't like that."  2. to be high or drunk.  "Jack got bent last night at that party." 

Back to Top betty
1. n. an old school term for a girl/lady.  "Man, look at that fine looking Betty" 

Back to Top BI
1. a shortened version of the word bitch. 

Back to Top big body
1. large vehicles such as SUV’s or older model big cars.  "Look at the big body caddy." 

Back to Top Bird
1. A term for a young girl  "Look at that bird over there by the food court...I'ma go and scoop that."  2. 36 ounces of cocaine  "That scrub Jay got caught with a bird in his trunk...I told that fool to just say no!" 

Back to Top biscuit
1. n. Another reference for a gun. (See also hammer and tool.) 

Back to Top biscuits
1. Dirty, worn-out shoes.  "Look at that boy's biscuits." 

Back to Top bite it
1. v. To trip or fall down, usually hurting oneself.  "Did you see Bobby bite it when he was trying to hop that rail?" 

Back to Top bites
1. see "that bites." 

Back to Top biting me
1. (pronounced "bitin'me") Copying someone.  "Man you know I bought this jacket first, why you biting me?" 

Back to Top blast
1. v. to confront someone in the public, to openly shame somone  "What's up with Janet, she was yellin' at me and puttin' me on blast in 2nd period!" 

Back to Top blazin
1. v. lighting up Marijuana.  "See those fellas over there? They were blazin- hope they don’t get caught!"  2. Very attractive. More than "hot."  "Did you see her? man she was BLAZIN!" 

Back to Top bling-bling
1. (sometimes pronounced “Blang-Blang”) Used to be jewelry such as silver, platinum, or diamonds and sometimes gold.  Now the word expands to describe extremely expensive style of clothes, cars and general life-style.  "Did you see Donald Trump’s house in The Apprentice- I’ve never seen so much bling bling!" or "Jose’s blinging it!" 

Back to Top blingin
1. Shining because you are wearing so much jewelry.  "Check you out David, you blingin tonight." 

Back to Top block baller
1. Big time dealer. 

Back to Top blood
1. A person you “chill wit.”  2. A gangsta dressed in the color red. 

Back to Top blow
1. n.  refers to cocaine.  2. adj. very bad.  Although used as a verb, it is an adjective.  Similar to “it sucks.” 

Back to Top blunt
1. n. usually a cigar filled with Marijuana.  Sometimes just a large "joint."  "Let's go smoke a blunt!" 

Back to Top bo bo
1. Poor quality.  Not up to standard.  "That shirt is bobo." 

Back to Top bomb
1. see "da bomb." 

Back to Top bomb, the
1. see "da bomb" 

Back to Top bone
1. (verb) the act of a male having sex with someone.  "Did Steve bone that girl?" 

Back to Top bones
1. money.  "Nah man, that's bootleg. I can't go to the movies, I ain't got no bones."  2. n. dominos - refers to the color and original dominos material (i.e. ivory or actual animal bone)  3. n. dice. 

Back to Top bong
1. a marijuana smoking utensil. 

Back to Top boo
1. Your boyfriend/girlfriend.  "Dat's my boo your messin' wit!" 

Back to Top boo boo
1. see "bootsie." 

Back to Top Bookoo
1. An over abundance. A whole lot.  Bookoo originated from the french word 'beaucoup' which means much or many.  "Jason got bookoo beats on his website" 

Back to Top boost
1. v. to steal.  "I boosted these sneakers.

Back to Top bootie
1. n. someone's posterior.  2. see "bootsie." 

Back to Top bootsie
1. adj./adv. Something undesirable. An inopportune or unfair situation, event, or thing.  "Man, that teacher is bootsie" "Did you see his pants? Bootsie!" 

Back to Top booty call
1. v. to call someone on the phone and arrange a sexual liaison, usually late night, like 1:00 to 3:00 a.m. 

Back to Top bootydoo
1. When one's stomach sticks out further than their butt.  "Girl, see those heffas at the Gramblin game, they all have bootydoo." 

Back to Top bootylicious
1. adj. sexually attractive.  2. adj. voluptuous.  Not too skinny-- looking very attractive with plenty of "booty."  "Beyonce looked bootylicious in that outfit!" 

Back to Top boo-yah!
1. An exclamation used in celebrating a victory.  "Boo-Yah! I whooped you in dat basketball game!"  2. an expression added at the end of a short, insulting speech.  Used like  "So, there!" 

Back to Top bopper
1. A female that sleeps with a lot of other girls boy friends. 

Back to Top Bossy
1. To be in control with an attitude.  Demanding and highly opinionated. Generally used for females.  "Watch out for old girl, cause she's bossy." 

Back to Top bounce
1. see "Let's bounce." 

Back to Top bowl
1. n. an object used to chop and prepare weed that is to be smoked. Smoking a bowl is like drinking a glass - its the contents that you actually smoke. :) Its not like you smoke using the bowl... you take the chopped weed from the bowl and put it in a cone.  "Let’s go smoke a bowl after school." 

Back to Top boy
1. n.  Your friend or some one you admire.  "Yo, I’m chillin’ with my boys tonight” or “Shaq is your boy right?  He got lit up in last night’s game." 

Back to Top brah
1. friend.  Derived from "brother" or "bro"  "What's up brah?" 

Back to Top braw
1. n. (derived from brotha or brother) a friend or close acquaintance.  "Whasup braw?" 

Back to Top breezy
1. n. A female. a girlfriend.  "Check out that breezy over there." 

Back to Top brick
1. cold; as in temperature.  "Turn up the heat, it's brick in here." 

Back to Top brizoke
1. broke; no money. 

Back to Top bro
1. n. A close guy friend or relative. short for brother. 

Back to Top broad
1. (Often Offensive Slang.) A woman or girl. 

Back to Top brown frown
1. bad weed/marijuana. 

Back to Top bud
1. marijuana.  "Let's go smoke some bud." 

Back to Top buggin
1. acting strange.  "Why you buggin?" 

Back to Top bunk
1. adj. really bad or aggravating.  "Dad told me to go to my room. he's so bunk!"  2. adj. something bad, boring, stupid, etc.  "This town is bunk, there's nothing to do."  3. untrue.  "He said he didn’t boost my kicks!  That’s bunk!" 

Back to Top bust a cap
1. v. To shoot someone. **See  "I'll bust a cap . . ." 

Back to Top bust yo grill!
1. v. To bust someone's 'grill' means to hit them in the mouth or beat them up. 

Back to Top busta
1. someone considered a lowlife or weak.  See scrub.  "Get out of my grill.  You a busta!" 

Back to Top bustin'
1. v. (derived from "busting") executing an action, usually flawlessly, that takes skill.  "Check out Dominic. He's bustin' some phatty moves!"  2. v.  to make fun of them or insult them.  "Yo Tisha, why you always bustin on me?" 

Back to Top butta
1. adj. to be of good or smooth quality; like butter.  "Now that's the butta!" 

Back to Top cake
1. Money.  "If I can't bake cake, then I'll take cake." 

Back to Top Candy
1. a code word for sex.  ""I went to Jaquilla's house last night and she gave me some of dat candi""  2. a code word for the club drug known as ecstacy.  "Where did you buy that candy that you had at the rave last night?"  3. the shiny, glossy coated paint job on a car  ""All the ATL n#^&@$ wanna jack,
cuz i'm from texas, they never seen candy with a fifth on the back."

Back to Top cap
1. v. To insult or make fun of.(-cappin', -capped)  "Why you always cappin' on me? Don't make me open up a can on you!"  2. n. To shoot someone, To put a cap in ones posterior.  "I'm going to cap your !@#" 

Back to Top cashed or cashed out
1. When you are out of money.  "I’m all cashed out brah."  2. When something is empty.  "Hey, put some more weed in this bowl . . . this is cashed!"  3. when someone is high on drugs.  "Yo Willy . . . I’m cashed out son." 

Back to Top cash-money
1. n. money.  Now also a record label “Cash Money Records.”  "“Why you dealing?”  “Cash-money baby!”" 

Back to Top Cat
1. A person (usually a male)  "What up with that cat? He think he got luv up in here?" 

Back to Top chassy
1. n. (derived from the "chassis" of a car) a very pretty female. A beautiful girl.  "Check out that chassy over there!" 

Back to Top cheba
1. marijuana 

Back to Top Check
1. To correct or reprehend someone.  "Look brah, you need to check you homeboy b'fore I check him!" 

Back to Top Check up on it
1. to jirate or press up on a female usually while dancing.  "Last night at the prom, Kiesha finally let me check up on it." 

Back to Top checkin out
1. going home.  2. dying.  "That fool is goin' to be checkin' out tonight."  3. to look at someone of the opposite sex in interest.  "Check out that shorty over there." 

Back to Top cheddar
1. n. money  "He got phat cheddar." 

Back to Top cheese
1. see "cheddar."  2. Also see *sniffing cheese 

Back to Top cheezin
1. v. smiling.  "why you cheezin so big?" 

Back to Top chicken head
1. n.  A girl, often ugly, that no guy wants.  "I know you don't like Nancy, she a chicken head fa sho."  2. Derived from a very vile or derogatory term for a female insinuating that they give oral sex. 

Back to Top chillaxin
1. Hanging out (chillin) and relaxing!  "I was just chillaxin with TJ and Brian." 

Back to Top chillin
1. v. to simply "hang out" with no purpose or reason.  "I'm just chillin wit my friends." 

Back to Top chips
1. n. money.  "Chris is stackin' mad chips now since he got that job at the warehouse." 

Back to Top chizzlin
1. see "chillin." 

Back to Top choke
1. v. to fall short of an intended win or goal.  "Did you see Wade choke on that game last night?  I just knew they were gonna win." 

Back to Top chop it up
1. Have a conversation  "Aaight, get at me tomorrow and we can chop it up." 

Back to Top choppin'
1. v. When a car's spinners (rims that keep spinning while the car is not moving)are moving very fast  "I gots to get me some dubs' cause they be choppin' the longest when you stop at a light."  2. v. preparing drugs.  "E' was in the bathroom choppin' up and baggin' up that Oooweee."  3. Having sex often.  "Come on, you really be choppin Tanisha." 

Back to Top chronic
1. n. Marijuana. potent, green, homegrown skunk-style bud.  (as apposed to "bammer” bammer is mostly dry old leaf from lower strength imported commercial marijuana)  "Yo, hook me up with some of that chronic!"  2. The state of being so addicted to marijuana, that only the "chronic" has any effect anymore. Bammer no longer gives a "high."  "Billy is out thievin again cuz he's chronic!" 

Back to Top church
1. A phrase used as a generalized term of approval for something.  Derived from Snoop Dogg.  "Show up or ho' up." "Church." 

Back to Top clock
1. v. to hit someone, usually knocking them in the head.  "Brian you betta chill wit' that or I'm going to straight up clock you in your grill!" 

Back to Top clock or clocked
1. To get hit by someone.  "Dude got clocked!" 

Back to Top clownin'
1. v. to make fun of someone.  "Man, you tryin to clown on me?" 

Back to Top clucka
1. A cocaine addict.  Old school term from old N.W.A song. 

Back to Top come thru
1. to go to someone's house or pass through their turf.  "Yo, me and my boys are gonna come thru later." 

Back to Top coo
1. cool. 

Back to Top Cooker
1. n. as spoon or bottle cap used to cook down drugs like: meth, coke, or heroin.  2. n. a person who cooks down the drugs. 

Back to Top cool
1. if you don't know what this means, please exit now. 

Back to Top cool wit dat
1. I'm o.k. with that. 

Back to Top coolin'
1. relaxing.  see *chillin' 

Back to Top cop
1. v. To obtain or acquire something.  "I need to cop that new Kanye West CD." 

Back to Top crackalackin'
1. happening; been going on.  "Hey dude, what's crackalackin'?" 

Back to Top cracker
1. n. A white person 

Back to Top creepin'
1. v. When a person is "sneaking around", cheating on his or her boy/girlfriend. See "trifflin" 

Back to Top crib
1. n. a house.  "Let's go back to my crib, I got a lil' sum- summ'm for you." 

Back to Top crisp/crispy
1. adj. References new or current clothing.  "My man just got the crispy Lebron James sneakers." 

Back to Top crunk
1. "see krunk." 

Back to Top crusty
1. adj. Ugly, gross or nasty.  "I can't stand it when people come to school with a cold, lookin' all crusty and mess." 

Back to Top cup cakin'
1. v. To flirt with or to display 'puppy love'.  "Now since Gerrid is in the 5th grade he always cup cakin' with Trina." 

Back to Top cut
1. n. A song on a record.  "Hear that song by 50 Cent?" "That's the cut!"  2. n. A place in the hood.  "Where you at?  Chillaxin in the cut."  3. v. To put down or insult. "Don't cut me or I'll steel you in da grill!" 4. Having well defined muscles. 

Back to Top cuttin
1. v. having sex. 

Back to Top d.i.
1. male genitalia.  derived from "di#@" 

Back to Top d.l.
1. short for down low.  See "down low." 

Back to Top da bomb
1. n. A mid nineties term for the best. A great thing or situation.  "That CD is the bomb!" "His corvette is the bomb!" "This place is the bomb!" 

Back to Top da hood
1. The "neighboorbood" or refering to a certain side of town.  "Meet me in da hood at 7." 

Back to Top dank
1. n. Good marijuana or weed.  "Let's go smoke some dank."  2. adj. very good.  "That's some dank weed." 

Back to Top dat
1. that. 

Back to Top dawg
1. n. a title for your friends, see "homie."  2. a guy who goes with all the girls, even if he has a girlfriend. A tramp.  "Jimmy's such a dawg! Look at him over there with those hoochies." 

Back to Top dead presidents
1. money.  "Ever since I started workin this job I've had mad dead presidents to spend." 

Back to Top deebo
1. to steal. See "jack." Derived from the character in the movie "Friday", who steals from all of the neighborhood people.  "I'm gonna deebo Mom's credit card." 

Back to Top deezam
1. damn. 

Back to Top Dillio
1. What's the deal or What's up?  "Yo son, what the dillio?" 

Back to Top dime
1. A bag of marijuana, usually worth ten dollars.  (A ten dollar bag of drugs was called a “dime sack.”  Five dollars is a “nickel bag.” “Dub sack” is used for $20.00 bags.  2. A good looking female.  Also see "dime-piece."  "On a scale from 1-10 she is a dime." 

Back to Top dime-piece
1. n. a good looking female. **See “shorty.” 

Back to Top dip out
1. v. to leave.  "Hey Bobby, I'm gonna dip out." or "Man, he dipped out of there FAST!" 

Back to Top dip set
1. n. A nasty girl.  "Gina don't think about nothin' but how many boys she can jump.  She ain't nothin' but a 'dip-set'." 

Back to Top dirty brown
1. bad weed/marijuana. 

Back to Top dis
1. v. (derived from "disrespect.")  To disrespect.  To insult.  "Yo . . . why you dissing me?" 

Back to Top dog
1. see "dawg" 

Back to Top doggin' on
1. being mean or cruel.  See "baggin'"  "Kion, why you doggin' on me?" 

Back to Top dope
1. adj. Late 80's verbage, still used in some arenas for something good, excellent or appealing.  See also "tight" or "phat."  "Check out his dope ride."  2. marijuana. 

Back to Top dose
1. v. to put the liquid form of LSD on an object that can be deliberately put on someones tounge or skin. This is usually done on small pieces of paper, but sometimes this is done to food items. When a food item that has been dosed is ingested, the person experiences intense hallucinations(referred as an acid trip).  "At the Dead show some one dosed some licorice and passed it around." 

Back to Top down
1. to be part of a group or friendship.  Committed to “watch their back.”  "No worries Chris.  You know I’m down."  2. agreeing or assenting with.  "I'm down with whatever you decide."  3. to be engaged in an activity.  Also the current status or happening.  "Man we gettin' down with a couple freaks in an e-class."  "I'm fin to tell you waz down with J.D. and Misty." 

Back to Top down low or D.L.
1. Secret, keep it a secret, not public information.  "Jesse just broke up with Stacey . . . keep it down low."  2. A secretive homosexual relation.  Usually between men.  "I don't talk to Tywann anymore cause he act too soft: I think he on the down low." 

Back to Top dragon, the
1. Bad breath.  "Yo, you got any gum? I got the dragon, man." 

Back to Top drop
1. to hit somone, usually knocking them out or to a state where they don't want to get up.  "I'm about to drop that punk!"  2. to take a pill, mainly Ecstasy.  "Are you gonna drop that pill?" 

Back to Top dropped the dime
1. to tell on someone.  "Man, he dropped the dime on Tommy." 

Back to Top dub
1. 20 inch chrome rims or wheels.  2. a dub sack is a $20 bag of marijuana. 

Back to Top dube
1. (pronounced doobee) A marijuana cigarette. 

Back to Top duckets
1. money.  "Yo dawg, I ain't got no duckets.  Hook me up!" 

Back to Top duece-duece
1. a 22 pistle (gun)  "You betta call a truce b'fore I pull out the duece-duece and get loose."  2. 22 inch rims (for your car)  "Demarcus just got paid and he bought some new tires to go on his duece-dueces, now his whip is gonna be tight!" 

Back to Top dusty
1. adj. Old, worn or dirty.  "You've been wearin' those jeans all week, they're lookin' real dusty." 

Back to Top E
1. n. Term used for the drug "Ecstasy." Sometimes called "X"  "Lets go score some ‘E'" 

Back to Top ease up
1. means calm down or back up. 

Back to Top easy
1. good bye.  See "late" or "peace."  "I'll see you later.  Easy!" 

Back to Top e-class
1. n.  e-class is a very nice type of Mercedes Benz.  2. n. even though an e-class is a Benz, in some circles, they'll refer to a really expensive car (i.e. Mercedes, Bently, Rolls Royce, BMW) as an e-class.  "Homie ridin' e-class." 

Back to Top Emo
1. Someone acting in a suicidal or depressed way.  comes from "emotional".  Originaly derived from the punk/hardcore style of music called 'emo'  "Everytime Jr. gets drunk he start goin' emo on us, huggin' us & sayin' that he love us..."" 

Back to Top ends
1. money or cash. 

Back to Top faded
1. To exhibit the intoxicating effects of a marijuana or alcohol.  "Dawg, pass the spliff so's I can get faded." 

Back to Top false
1. Not true.  "Stop falsing!" 

Back to Top fatty
1. a marijuana joint.  2. a big posterior on a female.  "Check out the fatty on her." 

Back to Top federal
1. against the law, or not right.  "Yo, I ain't stealing that money, that's federal!" 

Back to Top feel me
1. v. to understand or affirm.  "I'm about to smack you up for tryin to front on me in front of my peeps, you feel me?" 

Back to Top fi'n
1. v. (derived from "fixin") Getting ready to do something.  "I'm fi'n to tell you what's up wit Sheila and Snoopy." 

Back to Top fiendin
1. needing, like an urge.  "I'm fiendin fer some cigs right now." 

Back to Top finna
1. going to.  See "fi'n"  "Son, I finna bust a cap." 

Back to Top fire
1. Extremely good.  Often referring to marijuana and food. **Also see “on fire.”  "Man, those tacos are fire!" 

Back to Top fish bowl
1. To fill an enclosed space with marijuana smoke. 

Back to Top five on it
1. Term used to imply that the person either has a nickel bag of weed to contribute, or is willing to pitch in 5 dollars toward the purchase of marijuana. 

Back to Top flashing
1. v. yelling at someone, usually in front of others.  "What's up?" "My mom was just flashing."  2. v. attacking someone in a fit of rage. 

Back to Top flava
1. flavor, exact meaning.  "You know the flava?" 

Back to Top flex
1. To beat someone up or use physical force to hurt them while displaying muscles like a wrestler  "Keep on talking about my Momma and I'ma' flex on you!""  2. To display your power or skill with intensity.  "Did you see Cappa flex on the mic yesterday on 106 and park?"  3. To depart or go away.  "Hey this party is weak man, let's flex." 

Back to Top flossin'
1. v. show off ones belongings or wealth. Often while driving, showing your vehicle, its nice rims, your new jacket, etc.  "I just hung a right on Main St. Now I'm just flossin'." 

Back to Top fo fo
1. a 44. pistol. 

Back to Top fo rizzle
1. For Real.  "That new Canye' West single is bangin' fo rizzle." 

Back to Top fo sho
1. For sure  "Hey Mike, you gonna be there?" "Fo sho!"  2. Yes. Absolutely. 

Back to Top fo' real
1. derived from "for real."  Meaning yes, that is very true.  "Mrs. B. give us so much #$%^ homework!" "Fo'real!" 

Back to Top fo' rizeal
1. See "for real." 

Back to Top fo' shiggidy my weeble
1. Another term for saying, "for sure my friend." 

Back to Top fo' shizzle
1. (often used with “Fo’ shizzle my nizzle”)  For sure. (see “nizzle” for it’s definition.) 

Back to Top folded
1. Completely drunk or high, usually enough to barely walk at all.  "Me and Kat got folded last night after the party!" 

Back to Top foo
1. n. (derived from fool) a friend.  "Whasup foo?"  2. an insulting name for someone.  "What you lookin' at foo?" 

Back to Top for sheezy
1. (derived from "for sure") A statement of agreement.  "Are you sure you want to go to ice cream?" "For sheezy!" 

Back to Top four-twenty (4:20) (420) (4-20)
1. n. Commonly known as the time to smoke pot. It has come to mean everything from the act of smoking, the stuff that's smoked, and the optimum smoking time. Because 99% of today's culture DOESN'T know what 420 means, it has become a code people use to identify and talk with each other without outsiders knowing. Also known for the date, April 20th, which is the day to smoke pot all day, "the hippie holiday." Most pot smokers use 420 for just that, but, this date also happens to be Hitler's birthday which most possibly connected to or resulted in the selection of the April 20th date of the Columbine tragedy.

Note: I get a large amount of emails trying to correct me, saying that 420 is actually the California police code for possession of marijuana. Sorry- but that's an urban legend. Here are the facts straight from the LAPD: "There are several codes of law in CA that dictate drug offences. The Penal Code(PC) and the Health and Safety Code(H&S). Most of the drug offences are covered by the H&S. There is no 420 H&S, there is a 420 PC and it is "Preventing entry onto Public property". We sometimes have codes that the dispatcher uses on the radio to let us know what kind of call we are going to, but it usually is the same as the code section. Here are some of the Marijuana charges:

11359 H&S Possesion of MJ for Sales
11360(A)H&S Sales of MJ
11357(B)H&S Possesion of less than 1 oz of MJ 

Back to Top freak
1. n. a male or female that gets around.  "J.T., quit parlayin with that freak and let's roll!"  2. v. To copulate. 

Back to Top frontin'
1. Lying.  Trying to be something you’re not.  The act of being fake.  "Man, don’t be frontin’, you know you messed with Kiesha last week!" 

Back to Top frozen/freeze
1. adj. Another reference to jewelry or diamonds.  "Look at Ebony's frozen ears.  She has some nice earrings." 

Back to Top fugly
1. very ugly.  Derived from fu@*ing ugly. 

Back to Top G
1. n. (derived from "Gangster") A name for anyone you would associate with. A name when greeting a friend.  "Whasup G?" 

Back to Top G - money
1. More than just a "G."  (see "G") A term for your friend or acquaintance, usually someone who is good at what they do.  See "money." 

Back to Top g'd up
1. To look good. 

Back to Top gafel
1. to steal. 

Back to Top Gahbless
1. God bless. 

Back to Top game
1. a man’s conversation, specifically his attempts at wooing females.  "Marcel, she ain’t going to go out with you.  You got no game!"  2. male’s a whole presence, his conversation, and how he presents himself, especially when trying to earn rapport with females.  "Did you see Jay over there?  He’s got game." 

Back to Top gangsta
1. n. A gangster. One who acts, dresses and talks like a gang member.  "Jesse, what size are those pants? 45? You look like a gansta!"  2. For something to be nice or cool.  See “tight.”  "Yo, that outfit is gangsta." 

Back to Top gank
1. "gank" is to steal or take without permission. Same as "jack" and used the same way.  "He ganked that hat from da mall." 

Back to Top gat
1. n. (derived from Gatling gun) A gun.  "Paul, you didn't tell me you was strapped! Why you gotta have a gat?" 

Back to Top get our G on
1. To have sex with someone.  "J.Z. and Lisa have been gone a long time. They must be straight gettin' they G on." 

Back to Top get your shwerve/swerve on
1. To get into a rhythm. To achieve a positive momentum. When playing basketball, if your team does well you can say,  "Now we got the swerve on!" 

Back to Top get your swerve on
1. To get drunk, to drink, or to otherwise become intoxicated from either alcohol or drugs. 

Back to Top gettin ya' roll on
1. v. To look good while driving an expensive vehicle.  "Man, did you see Big Woo? He getting' his roll on."  2. To 'strut' or show off your style 

Back to Top gettin' buck
1. Getting wild and loud.  Generally associated with krump dancing.  "Last night Jannie was gettin' buck on the dance floor all night." 

Back to Top getting the hook up
1. Receiving more than you could have even wanted from a given situation.  "Billy, check out this stereo system your dad gave you . . . you got the hook up!"  2. Being joined in a relationship with the person you wanted or starting a relationship with the opposite sex. **See "hooking up."  "Mark likes Jen . . . Jen is getting the hook up." 

Back to Top getting the mack on
1. When someone is in the act of macking (see "mack").  "Check out Billy with them chassies . . . he's getting the mack on!" 

Back to Top ghetto
1. adj./adv. 1. Something undesirable.  "That place is ghetto."  2. Something excellent.  **See “ghetto fabulous.”  3. Saying or doing something you don’t have to.  Like hanging your clothes on the balcony when you have a dryer they can be put in. 

Back to Top ghetto bird
1. n. A police helicopter. Known as the only thing that flies in the ghetto. 

Back to Top ghetto-fabulous
1. Adj.  having a pseudo-rich look or lifestyle without real wealth to sustain a rich lifestyle.  "Did you see that Honda tricked out lik an e-class?  Now that's Ghetto-fabulous!" 

Back to Top giggan
1. v. (derived from "gigging")Dancing.  2. A generic verb used for an assortment of activities.  Usually the form of "to be."  "I'm just giggan it here with my friends." 

Back to Top gigolo
1. A man who is in a continuing sexual relationship with a woman and receives financial support from her.  **See “man-ho” 

Back to Top give it up!
1. A request to please applaud for something.  "Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for . . ." 

Back to Top givin' up the gold
1. When a female gives up her virginity before the right time, usually before marriage.  "Girl, why you given up the gold . . . you gonna be bankrupt later!" 

Back to Top glock
1. A gun (9 millimeter automatic pistol)  "Keep lettin' that lip pop and I'ma let my glock stop all yo plots." 

Back to Top go hard
1. To show off or display skill with great intensity  "Man I can't wait to get back on the court I'm a go hard on all of y'all."  2. Very cool  "I like that song from lil wayne; that beat go hard than a mug." 

Back to Top gold digging ho
1. n. a female that is trying to use you for your money.  "I'm going out with Shirley tonight." "Why you going out with that gold digging ho? She's always trying to get up in your wallet!" 

Back to Top goodies
1. A sexual term that describes anything that the opposite sex has that turns you on. This can range from Hugs and kisses to private sexual parts.  "I bet you want the goodies." 

Back to Top got the dragon
1. to have bad breath. 

Back to Top grain
1. n. money.  "Hey Mom, hook me up with some grain." 

Back to Top grass
1. n. marijuana. 

Back to Top greasin'
1. v. To eat or graze like a cow.  "It's so embarrassing to hang out wit' Donna at lunch cause girl be greasin'." 

Back to Top green
1. n. Marijuana 

Back to Top grill
1. n. a person’s teeth or smile.  "Man, you better shut up or I’ll bust yo’ grill!" 

Back to Top grillin'
1. A nasty look.  A facial expression meant to give off unfriendly vibes.  Derived from the term "grill" which refers to one's teeth.  "You betta stop grillin' me." 

Back to Top grind
1. work. hustle  "I got's to stay on that grind and make some paper cause it's hard out here for a pimp." 

Back to Top grip
1. n. money.  "I've got mad grip from slangin' all that yayo."  2. n. to have a lot or a bunch of.  "He's got a grip of cheddar."  3. A long time.  "I haven't talked to you in a grip!" 

Back to Top Gucci
1. n. An expensive brandname for fashion and accessories; like Prada or Fendi  "My baby daddy got me this gucci bag girl, I don't know where you think I got some extra money from."  2. adj. A ghetto term for something nice.  "I don't know what you talkin' bout, John John's new Hyundai is gucci than a mithi-ficki." 

Back to Top gunnin'
1. Sam as "cappin" on someone.  When you're "gunnin", you are making fun of someone or something.  "Dude was gunnin' on your ride(car)." 

Back to Top Gwap
1. A wad of money or cash  "Tikki just got paid a gwap for picking up the trash in Mrs. Johnson's yard" 

Back to Top hack or hackin'
1. To make fun of someone, or to insult, or correct him or her repeatedly.  Usually a fun-loving term between friends.  "Why you always gotta hack on me?"  2. To get hit or fouled in a basketball game. 

Back to Top haten
1. v. derived from "hating."  To do bad things or say bad things to someone.  To express dislike.  "Why you gotta be haten on me?!!" 

Back to Top heads
1. people.  "Yo, there was mad heads at the six joint." 

Back to Top heat
1. cops.  2. a gun.  "Watch out for John, he's strapped wit' heat!" 

Back to Top heater
1. a gun.  ""I ain't trippin' off these fools, anybody act up I'm gonna pull out the heater and blaze it up."" 

Back to Top hecka
1. see "hella." 

Back to Top hecky
1. see "hella". Examples include:  "Hecky yea." or "Hecky naw" 

Back to Top heezie
1. a form of the word "house."  "Yo, my man Will's in da heezie." 

Back to Top hella
1. adv. used in conjunction with another word as an intensifier. As if to say “very.”  Derived from “A hell of a lot of . . .”  Examples include: hella-cool, hella-stupid, hella-crazy, or hella-funny.  "I called your name hella times, but you didn't come."  “That’s because I had hella fun last night."  2. adj.  extremely large quantities  "He had hella cash!" 

Back to Top herb
1. (“pronounced “erb”)  marijuana. 

Back to Top high-five
1. H.I.V.  "Homey got the high-five from the skanch queen." 

Back to Top high-sidin'
1. adv. to act as if you're better than those around you.  "Did you see Yolanda high-sidin' when she was in front of the Teacher today?  She think she all-o-dat." 

Back to Top hit it
1. To have sex.  "When you gonna let me hit it?" 

Back to Top hit me on the hip
1. page me. 

Back to Top ho
1. A hooker or a hoochie, although sometimes more promiscuous than a hoochie, and therefore undesirable.  "Yo G, look at that ho!" 

Back to Top ho - monga
1. n. A term used to describe a guy who keeps more than one girl.  "Tyrell, you's a straight up ho-monga." 

Back to Top hold somthin
1. Asking to barrow money.  "Let me hold somethin, you know I will pay you back." 

Back to Top hold up
1. (pronounced hole up) A phrase used to get someone to wait, as if to say  "Wait, hold on a second." 

Back to Top holla
1. v. to communicate to someone, usually via phone or email.  "Hey, don’t forget to holla back youngn." 

Back to Top home skillet
1. friend. 

Back to Top homie
1. n. Old word (derived from the Hispanic Americans who used "homes" as a label for others) that means friend or companion.  "Whasup Homie?" 

Back to Top hoochie
1. n. A female who is promiscuous by nature. A female who grants sexual favors easy.  *See also "hooch" or "hoochie mama."  "Let's go mack on them hoochies over there." 

Back to Top hoochie mama
1. n. More than just a hoochie. A hoochie of hoochies. Someone who excels in all the qualities of hoochidom.  "Yo . . . you ain't nothin but a hoochie mama!" 

Back to Top hoodrat
1. A person in the hood. 

Back to Top hook me up
1. A request for assistance, usually seeking some sort of material or financial gain.  "Oh . . . Ding Dongs . . . come on man, hook me up . . . let me mack on one of them!" 

Back to Top hook up
1. v. see “hooking up.”  Also used as noun as in “the hook up.”  See “getting the hook up” 

Back to Top hooking up
1. v. Often, this can mean purely recreational sexual activity with someone who is just a friend.  Anything from gentle touching to intercourse.  "Me and Tish were just hooking up for some fun in my Honda."  2. v. starting a relationship with opposite sex. 

Back to Top hoops
1. basketball.  "Hey man let's go shoot some hoops." 

Back to Top hooptie
1. n. A 1972 Oldsmobile or car of the like. An old beat up car.  "Here comes Billy in his hooptie!" 

Back to Top hoo-ride
1. n. loaded down car.  "Check out my partner in his hoo-ride." 

Back to Top hops
1. the ability to jump high.  "He has hops." 

Back to Top hot
1. Mad or angry.  2. Stolen.  "I’m not buying that, it’s hot!"  3. Dangerous. "It's hot up in here!"  4. Good looking. 

Back to Top hot mess, A
1. 1.  To look really bad! 

Back to Top hot minute
1. Fast or quick.
  "I'm just gonna run in the store, it'll take a hot minute." 

Back to Top hott
1. very good.  "That ollie you just sprung was mad hott dude."  2. stylish.  "That jacket is hott!" 

Back to Top hottie
1. used to describe good looking guys or girls.  "Check out that new kid, he's a hottie!" 

Back to Top house
1. See "in the house." 

Back to Top housed
1. To be very badly beaten at something, whether sports or a fight or a rhyme battle.  "The Celtics got housed last night."  2. to get extremely drunk, high, or wasted.  "We got housed last night at Tomeka's bang." 

Back to Top hype
1. a rumor blown out of proportion. ie: not true  "Don't believe the hype about Rhonda.  It ain't true."  2. very good.  See "live."  "Dogg, this party is hype!" 

Back to Top Hyphy
1. Getting Hyperactive. 'getting hyphy' is an emerging style of music and dance originated in the San Fransisco Bay Area. To dance, rap or act wild and hyperactive  "Check out Keak Da Sneak up on stage, he about to 'get hyphy wit it'." 

Back to Top I'll bust a cap in your #$&?!! (posterior)
1. To shoot someone (not necessarily just in the gluteus maximus).  "Man, you best stop mad dawging me or I'll bust a cap in your #$&?!!" 

Back to Top I'm out
1. (derived from "I'm out of here") Something to say when leaving, as if to say  "I'm out of here." 

Back to Top I'm straight
1. to declare that you are all right in your current state of being, as if to say  "I'm cool," or "I'm good already." 

Back to Top ice
1. jewelry, bling, usually just diamonds.  "Man, I'm about to jack that ice he's got on."  2. A veriation of the drug meth. 

Back to Top iced out
1. wearing a lot of jewelry  "Check out all that bling-bling, you're iced out!" 

Back to Top ill
1. v. cool, in style. 

Back to Top in the heazy
1. See "in the house." 

Back to Top in the house
1. not in an actual house but at a present gathering or location.  "My man Will's in da house!" 

Back to Top inked up
1. v. Getting tattoo'd  "Did you see Camron?  He just got inked up last night." 

Back to Top it's all good
1. Something said to express that everything is under control and fine. Usually rebutting an accusation.  "Justin, are you trying to thieve some of my CD's?" "No man . . . quit trippin'! It's all good!" 

Back to Top it's real
1. See “It’s all good.”  "For all the hata's, it’s real." 

Back to Top jaba
1. n. meaning marijuana.  "Let's go smoke some jaba." 

Back to Top jack
1. (v.) to steal. Originally derived from "car-jack," although, now pertains to stealing anything.  "Check out his new walkman...let's jack it!"  2. n. Another reference to a telephone.  "I just got off the jack, waiting for him to call me back." 

Back to Top jacked
1. v./adj.Thoroughly annihilated. Messed up.  "Man, the barber jacked up your hair. Billy, what happened? Your car is jacked!"  2. Stolen.  "Billy, what happened to your car, did it get jacked!"  3. Can also mean very influenced by marijuana.  "D'ja see T? Man, is he jacked!" 

Back to Top jankity
1.   "see "janky"" 

Back to Top janky
1. adj. old or broken.  In bad shape.  "Billy, we ain't taking your janky old car to the prom!" 

Back to Top jigga
1. n. a gigolo; someone who's got the hook up with the ladies.  "Yo, wussup jigga?"  2. n. a word that rappers called each other on the radio because they weren't allowed to use another word. 

Back to Top jiggy
1. hot, attractive, sexy. 

Back to Top jocking
1. (pronounced "Jockin") Oldschool term for trying to become the girlfriend of a guy. Flirting.  "Michael! Watch out for that gold diggin' ho Sabrina; she's jockin you!"  2. To copy someone.  For example, if someone is wearing the same shirt as you, they are "jockin'" you. 

Back to Top joint
1. Old term for a marijuana cigarette; to smoke a joint.  "He smokin a joint, lemme hit dat!" 

Back to Top jump off
1. My sex partner.  **Also “My jump off”

Back to Top junk in the trunk
1. n.  A large rear end that looks good.  **Also see “badunkadunk” 

Back to Top keep it real
1. a phrase used to say goodbye.  Just as if to say, "peace."  "I gotta go Brian." "Okay.  Keep it real." 

Back to Top kick game
1. see spittin’ game. 

Back to Top kickin' it
1. v. To relax, usually with ones friends. To merely exist, usually with no work involved.  "Where are you going Billy?" "Just kickin' it with my friends!" 

Back to Top kicks
1. shoes. 

Back to Top klepto (or klepto’d)
1. To steal something small.  "I klepto’d her lipstick.” or “I’ll klepto it for ya." 

Back to Top knocked out
1. asleep.  "Yo Jerry is knocked out!" 

Back to Top koolaid
1. One's business.  **See “all up in the kool-aid."  "Why you always gotta be gettin up in my koolaid Boo!"  2. Someone’s stuff.  "You better get up outta my koolaid, or I'm ganna bus a cap in yo a**!" 

Back to Top krump dancing
1. v. 'krumpin' 'getting krump. A form of dancing that originated in the African-American community of South Central Los Angeles, California and is a relatively new form of the "Urban" Black dance movement. Check out the movie Rize to see what krumpin' is about.  "Nancy was krumpin' last night and turned the whole party out." 

Back to Top krunk
1. adj. Wild and exhilarating. Taking it to the next level of excitement or fun.  "That party last night was krunk as hell." 

Back to Top kryptonite
1. A weakness.  "Boy, that girl is my kryptonite." 

Back to Top L
1. see "blunt." 

Back to Top L 7
1. Another way of calling someone a square or a nerd.  Derived from text messaging- it looks like “a square.”  "Man that dudes an L 7." 

Back to Top late
1. (derived from "later")Something to say when leaving, as if to say "I'm out of here." 

Back to Top laws
1. A term for the Police.  "Cool out nephew, them laws is coming around the corner again." 

Back to Top lay the smack down
1. See “smackdown.” 

Back to Top leaf
1. marijuana. 

Back to Top learn you
1. to teach someone a lesson.  "Boy, I'm gonna learn you!" 

Back to Top let's bounce
1. Something said when it is time to leave. Let us leave the premises now. 

Back to Top let's roll
1. a phrase used to express that it is time to leave. See "let's bounce." 

Back to Top lick
1. To fire up or fire shots. To commence.  "Da boi was charged up wit adrenalin'--licked 3 shots in the head and did him in..."  2. drunk or high  "I'm licked Dogg." 

Back to Top lick, the
1. the best.  "Man, those new shoes are the lick!" see "the bomb." 

Back to Top light some trees
1. smoking marijuana. 

Back to Top lit or lit up
1. Refers to being drunk or high. 

Back to Top live
1. very good. Usually a place - the place to be.  "You coming to Jimmy's party Friday.  It's gonna be live!" 

Back to Top loc
1. Latino slang for loco (crazy).  Often used as a term of endearment like holmes' or fool' or the n word.  "Wat up loc; you rollin' wit us or what?" 

Back to Top lock up
1. To fight.  "You keep talkin' smack and we're gonna to lock up." 

Back to Top lo-lo
1. see "down low." 

Back to Top lump
1. To hit someone hard enough to cause a lump or bruise.  "Yo, you better step off before I lump you up!" 

Back to Top lunchin
1. acting crazy, hyper, not of the norm; funny.  "That dude is lunchin." 

Back to Top lye
1. marijuana. 

Back to Top M&M
1. alright.  A little above mediocre.  "Do you like that youth pastor?" Yea, he's M&M." 

Back to Top ma or mami
1. a female, usually Spanish or Puerto Rican.  Usually used in a pick up line.  "Hey ma.  You lookin' good tonight." 

Back to Top mack
1. v. To steal or take advantage of.  "Yo . . . free pizza? I'm going to mack on some of that!"  2. To make a pass at someone or try to get sexual favor. Male flirting.  "Quit mackin on them bootsie-lookin hoochies over there!"  3. n. Someone who "macks."  See "playa."  "“Check out Jesse over there with them chassies . . . he thinks he's the mack!"" 

Back to Top mad
1. adv. an adverb that means to have a large amount of. Extreme. See "mad hops" or "mad skills" 

Back to Top mad dawg
1. v. (pronounced "mad dog") To stare someone up and down from head to foot as if to initiate a fight.  "You best not be mad dawging me boy . . . I'll bust you up!" 

Back to Top mad skills
1. an incredible ability to jump high. 

Back to Top making cookies
1. having sex.  Usually used as a code term to warn friends not to come by and interrupt. 

Back to Top man up!
1. a term used to suggest to a friend or otherwise to not be a wuss about a certain issue. Frequently used when talking about beer drinking.  "Ugh, my stomach hurts...I can't drink tonight." "Man up and drink some beers!" 

Back to Top man, the
1. n. a policeman.  "Watch out! It's the man!"  2. a guy who is extremely cool.  "Thanks for the hook up.  You're the man!" 

Back to Top man-ho
1. See gigolo. 

Back to Top Mary or Mary Jane
1. Marijuana.  "Do you know Mary?  Do you know where I can find Mary?" 

Back to Top meth
1. Shortened term for Crystal Methamphetamine, a very dangerous drug. 

Back to Top MILF
1. A very foul term for someone’s mother that is very attractive.  The word is an acronym for a “Mother that I’d Like to Fu**” 

Back to Top milkshake
1. adj. a female's sexual appeal. Derrived from Kelis' song 'My milkshake is better than yours'.  "Janice got that milkshake that make everybody wanna get wit' her." 

Back to Top money
1. adj./adv. Right on the mark. To be excellent.  "Yo . . . Billie . . . you are money" "Billy is our leading scorer on the team. He's the money."  2. a name you call your friend.  See "g-money."  "Yo money, check this out." 

Back to Top mug
1. Face.  Derived from mug-shot. 

Back to Top my bad
1. a phrase said to admit guilt in a situation.  "Oh, that's not your grandma, that's your mom? My bad!" 

Back to Top my nizzle
1. A Euphemism for nig***.  A name you call your close friend.  (although, white people might want to not use this word because of it’s racist root word).  "Wassup my nizzle!" 

Back to Top navigate
1. v. Let's go.  "Lets navigate." 

Back to Top necka
1. Euphemism for nig*** 

Back to Top nephew
1. n. A friend or acquaintance. A revised version of ni**a, as per Snoop Dogg. Replaces earlier terms such as homie, etc.  "What's up my nephew?" or... "Have you seen that nephew?" 

Back to Top nigga
1. a variation of the word nigger. Generally used by African Americans for a close acquaintance or term of endearment.  "Hey, wassup my nigga!" 

Back to Top nine
1. n. A nine millimeter semi-automatic pistol.  "Man, you best stop mad dawging me or I'll whip out my nine and bust a cap in your #*^%!" 

Back to Top ninja
1. A word that African Americans use for "my nigga" as in like a friend. 

Back to Top nizzle
1. see "my nizzle." 

Back to Top no diggity
1. no doubt. 

Back to Top O.G.
1. Derived from “Orginal Gangsta.”  A term referring to a real gangster, not one of the “many wanna-be’s posing” out there. 

Back to Top O.G. style
1. A way of saying that you did something gangster.  **See O.G.  "You did that all O-G style dawg." 

Back to Top off the chain
1. fun or exciting. See "off the hook." 

Back to Top off the heezy
1. or "off the heezy for sheezy" meaning very cool.  See "off the hook." 

Back to Top off the hizzle
1. see "off the hook" 

Back to Top off the hook
1. Exceptionally good.  "Did you see John’s new 22” spinners?  They was “off the hook!" 

Back to Top off your rector
1. (derived from "off your rector scale")Acting out of control. Rambunctious.  "Girl, you are off your rector . . . now get down off the top of his car!" 

Back to Top oh snap!
1. A phrase uttered in disbelief or when something bad happens.  "Oh snap!  Look who just walked in here!”  “Oh snap.  I forgot my math again!" 

Back to Top old school
1. adj./adv. Anything that is old, but not necessarily bad. In reference to music, it may be referring to it as "the good ‘‘ol" music.  "Hey Kelly, why you playing that old school song?" "Cause old school's tight!" 

Back to Top on fire
1. Extremely good, often in sports.  "Lebron was on fire last night." 

Back to Top on his/her/my/your jock
1. obsessed with a guy or girl.  "Billy, why them hoochies on your jock?" 

Back to Top one
1. A term that encourages unity or oneness. Primarily used as a phrase of dismissal to say as you are leaving or going away.  "Yo shorty you goin home......aight one." or on the phone. "Yo, I gotta go." "Aight, later, one." "One." 

Back to Top one-time
1. n. a policeman.  "Watch out! One-time!"  2. n. a person who commits one offense and is now watched by the police. 

Back to Top onion
1. n. a girl with a large posterior or buttocks.  "Check out the fine onion on that betty." 

Back to Top Ooowee
1. adj. an outcry or exclamation.  "I saw baby girl on the dance floor and I was like, "Ooowee you fine.""  2. n. Drugs. Usually very strong drugs that can cause you to lose control or hallucinate.  "I know I was actin' a fool cause I was on that Ooowee!"  3. adj. a term that expresses awe or amazement. Usually followed up with man (Ooowee man)  "When everybody ran out o' the mall, I was like, "Ooowee man, who shootin' up in here?"" 

Back to Top open up a can
1. v. (derived from "open up a can of whoop-a_ _") To take an action of enforcement. To punish or hurt.  "Man, if you don't stop buggin I'm going to open a can on you!" 

Back to Top outie 5000
1. n. (derived from "outa here" mixed with the car the Audi 5000) A saying conveying that a person is about to depart. As if to say "time to leave!" Some shorten it and just say "5000!"  **Also see Audi or Audi 5.O  "Jesse . . . we're outtie 5000!" 

Back to Top own
1. To master or ace a person or a thing till you control it.  "I own that move the dancefloor baby, you can't use that." 

Back to Top pad
1. An old school term still used in some parts for house.  "Yo lets go chill at my pad." 

Back to Top paper(s)
1. n. money  "I got to get me some paper if I'm going to be rollin' with them."  2. n. the papers used to roll joints 

Back to Top parlayin
1. v. relaxing and communicating, like sitting and talking to a female.  "Check out Reggie parlayin with Shana." 

Back to Top pawtna
1. n. (pronounced "pawt-na") From "partner."  A friend.  A loyal associate.  "Was'up pawtna!" 

Back to Top peace
1. good bye.  See also "peace out." 

Back to Top peace out
1. a farewell remark.  To say to someone, especially a friend, "good bye." 

Back to Top pearl
1. To leave.  "I'll catch you later.  I’m about to pearl." 

Back to Top peep 'dis
1. v. an order given to observe or to listen--to check out.  "Yo G, peep this triflin' shawty." 

Back to Top peeps
1. short for "peoples."  Meaning friends and family.
  "Props to my peeps." 

Back to Top peoples
1. n. friends, companions or acquaintances.  "I got all my peoples out on 100th and Crenshaw!" 

Back to Top perpetratin'
1. to imitate or try to be something you’re not.  "Why is that wigga always perpetratin!" 

Back to Top phat
1. adj./adv. (pronounced "fat") Very good, cool, top notch.  Also used as an acronym, pretty hot and tempting.  "His corvette was phat!"  2. Also seen as “actin like you phat” which means actin’ like you are cool, tough, or something special. 

Back to Top phatty
1. adv. (pronounced "fatty") Incredibly good, cool, top notch. Usually in admiration of a feat or trick.  "That 360 in the air was phatty!"  2. a large joint – marijuana.  See “blunt.” 

Back to Top PHD
1. An acronym/euphemism for "playa hata degree."  Someone who tries to mess up a "playa's chance with women (his "game")  "Tomesha has a PHD.  She’s always messing up my game!"  2. A teacher or authority figure who seems to have something against “playas” or "gangster-like" students. 

Back to Top piece
1. n. Also “piece of a**” (posterior)  A derogatory term for a female, usually one being used for sexual favor, with derogatory intonations of a lack of emotion.  "Nah-uh, Dawg, she aint my boo. She just a piece."  2. sex.  "I’m a go over Tanisha’s and get me a piece."  3. n. a gun or weapon.  "Back off, I’m carrying a piece." 

Back to Top pigeon
1. an ugly girl.  "Quit mackin’ on those pigeons over there."  2. a girl who goes with all the guys, whether or not she has a boyfriend, usually just for sexual favors. 

Back to Top pill
1. n. a basketball. 

Back to Top pimp
1. adj. Very admirable or desirable. Extremely good.  "Check out his pimp ride!"  2. n. a male who is extremely admirable, especially with the women.  "Take notes fellas, I'm the pimp!" 

Back to Top pimp-daddy
1. Someone extremely “pimp.”  See “pimp.”  The pimp of all pimps.  Someone who excels in all the qualities of pimpdom.  "Look at Billy pimpin all dem ho’s. He’s the pimp-daddy braw!" 

Back to Top pimpin'
1. Something very cool or ghetto fabulouse  "Hey dawg, them new sneakers by Tha Game is pimpin' I'ma get some of those next week."  2. A guy trying to pick up on girls.  "Look at him pimpin'." 

Back to Top playa
1. (pronounced "playa") Someone, usually, but not always, a male, who "dates" a lot of the opposite sex at the same time. Or someone who has a different girlfriend or boyfriend every week or so.  "Sheila, you ain't all that. John's a player, and you the flavor of the week!" 

Back to Top poodle
1. . Someone inferior. Someone, usually female, that is looked down upon.  "Check out that poodle over there by herself!" 

Back to Top po-po
1. n. (pronounced poe-poe) a policeman.  "Whatch out!  It's the po po!" 

Back to Top poppins
1. Perfect, as in 'Mary Poppins is perfect in every way.' 

Back to Top poser
1. someone who immitates or tries to be something he is not.  See perpetratin'  "Check out that cracker over there thinking he’s all ghetto.  He’s a straight up poser." 

Back to Top post up or posted up
1. To stay in one place.  Derived from drug dealers on street corners.  Staying on the corner in one place, like a street post.  "I was posted up all day on E. 14th." 

Back to Top posted
1. It means to be somewhere. Usually by yourself.  "The Po was posted on the corner waitin to bust the party." 

Back to Top potent
1. Fine or good.  "She be potent!" "That weed is potent." 

Back to Top pound it
1. something you say when you want to greet someone with the ghetto high-five- by tapping your fist on theirs and vice-versa. 

Back to Top prada
1. n. A brandname of clothes and fashion accessories like Gucci or Fendi  "If you love me I want you to buy me a Prada knapsack, with the hat to match." 

Back to Top props
1. n. Favor or admiration credited to a person because of something done. A verbal recognition of good achievement. 

Back to Top prostitots
1. little girls that wear tight low cut jeans and belly shirts like Brittany Spears  "Check out those prostitots over there.  What ya think . . . are they 11?  12?" 

Back to Top pump it up
1. v. To engage in sexual intercourse, from the male perspective. 

Back to Top Pump yo brakes
1. v. stop whatever it is you're doing or are about to do.  "I'm bout to go holla at Kianna." " Ay, dawg. Pump yo brakes, she a gold digga." 

Back to Top punk
1. (v.) Steal or take something.  "Did you punk the last ding-dong?" "I heard Gena's car got punked." 

Back to Top punked
1. Embarassed by someone else. 

Back to Top purps, purple urple
1. a term for a strong strain of marijuana that has purple leaves.  "JJ told me that he had some purple urple if I wanted to come by, but I told him that I'm off them grapes, I'm trying to clean my life up." 

Back to Top put that on
1. Asking for or verifying authenticity. Like to ask "you swear!" "or I swear by my mom's grave."  ""Tim got a new car!" "Put that on!" "I put that on!" or "I put that on everything!"" 

Back to Top putting me on blast
1. to be publicity disciplined or to have someone raise their voice at you.  Similar to "putting someone on the spot."  "Why was that teacher putting me on the blast?" 

Back to Top R. Kelly
1. v.  To have sexual relations with a younger woman.  Because R&B singer R. Kelly has that reputation.  "Why you R. Kellyin’ those jr. high girls, One time?" 

Back to Top raggedy
1. adj.  Worn or broken down.  See “tore up.”  "Get your raggedy ride out a here poser!" 

Back to Top raw
1. adj. anything pure or untampered with.  Hardcore or very intense  "I don't even like to joke with Mr. Jones, he raw then a mug."  2. adv. Sex without a condom  "Ol' Dirt used to sing how he liked it raw, until he died." 

Back to Top Real Talk
1. The Truth.Something very serious.  "I can't stand it when these so-called rappers be tryin' to rap about how hard they are when they just studio gangsta's and dat's real talk." 

Back to Top recognize
1. v. (pronounced reh cug nize) To respect. "Boy you better recognize!" 

Back to Top reggin weed
1. bad weed/marijuana. 

Back to Top represent
1. Trying to do your best; to achieve some respect.  "I'm just tryin' to represent." 

Back to Top rest
1. n. The house or the place where someone resides.  "Hey meet me at the rest and we'll rock some o dat new playstation." 

Back to Top ride
1. n. Someone's mode of transportation. A car.  "Check out his pimp ride!"  2. to have sex.  "Girl, do you wanna ride tonight?" 

Back to Top riding dirty
1. Driving with drugs or drug paraphernalia.  ""I know these fools wanna catch me riding dirty."" 

Back to Top rise up
1. to warn someone away, as if to say to "back off." (see "step off")  "Man you best be risin' up off me!" 

Back to Top rock
1. crack-cocaine.  Sometimes used as a term for drugs in general. 

Back to Top rocks
1. n. fat or big diamonds. 

Back to Top roll
1. to leave. (see "roll-out" and "let's roll.") 

Back to Top roll out
1. v. to leave.  "We 'bout to roll out." 

Back to Top rollin'
1. chillin', hangin' out, rollin' with the flow, takin' what life gives you.  "I'm rollin' with the homies."  2. a term used when under the influence of Exstasy(x).  "Hey, are you rollin?" 

Back to Top roll-up
1. v. To sneak up on someone- usually in a car.  2. something that an enemy would do to sneak up on you.  "Let's roll up on those fellas and bust a cap!"  3. to fight.  "Roll up, fool!" 

Back to Top run
1. v. A command to surrender your valuables.  "Yo fool, run that watch, them sneakers and that ice-grill right now or I'm-a blaze this heata!" 

Back to Top runnin' game
1. See "spittin' game." 

Back to Top s'righ
1. (derived from "s'allrigh" or "it's all right") everything is okay, no problems.  "J.T., you want me to help you with that?" "S'righ" 

Back to Top S.T. Rugglin
1. a name given to someone who is struggling.  "You're S.T. rugglin." 

Back to Top salty
1. to have a bad attitude towards someone or something.  "Don't be all salty with me!" 

Back to Top sauced
1. To be extremely drunk.  "Man we got sauced last night at that party." 

Back to Top say my name
1. an exclamation used to intimidate or used for celebration.  If someone just scored a touchdown they might say,  "Say my name (insert cruel noun here)!" 

Back to Top say word
1. To swear you're telling the truth.  "You're kidding, say word." 

Back to Top scam
1. v. The act of using someone for a sexual favor without liking them.(see "mack")  2. n. A title given to the person used in this process. 

Back to Top school
1. to show superiority by teaching someone a lesson or showing someone how to do something. To beat someone in a competition.  "Man, give me that ball, I'm going to school you!" 

Back to Top scrap
1. v. to fight. 

Back to Top scrilla or scrill
1. n. money. 

Back to Top scrub
1. n. Someone undesirable.  Someone who thinks he’s “fly” but really he’s a “busta.”  "Man, I ain't hangin' out with them scrubs!" 

Back to Top seed or seeds
1. n. kids, a person's offspring or posterity.  "She look good, but she got them seeds." 

Back to Top selling woof tickets
1. Trying to get someone to believe a falsity. Spreading lies.  "Girl, you be jawsin . . . you're jus' selling woof tickets." 

Back to Top shawty
1. A good looking female. **See "shorty."  "Oh snap.  Look at that sexy shawty over there." 

Back to Top shifty
1. A person who cannot be trusted. When a friend does something that makes you question how good a friend that person actually is.  "Yo he slept with your girl. Shifty!" 

Back to Top shiznit
1. See "shizzle." 

Back to Top shizzle
1. Something very good.  "Did you see T.J. play in the last game?  He was the shizzle."  2. Sure; when used as "fo shizzle" it means for sure.  3. A euphemism for shi* 

Back to Top shizzy (the shizzy)
1. Something very good.  Derived from "the s**t.  "She think she the shizzy now that she hooked up wif Adam." 

Back to Top shoo
1. A euphemism for shoot.  Also darn, heck, or many four letter words.  "Shoo girl, I kow what you talkin' about!" 

Back to Top shorty
1. n. a good looking female.  **See "dime-piece"  2. A girldfriend. **See "breezy" 

Back to Top shotty
1. a phrase yelled when someone wants the good seat.  Short form of “shotgun.”  Formerly calling “shotgun” got you the front passenger seat in the car (derived from the position on the stagecoach- the person with the shotgun sat up front near the driver).  “Shotty” does the same thing.  Works with other locations such as “shotty the couch”; “shotty the bean bag chair”; etc. 

Back to Top shout out
1. accolades, recognition. 

Back to Top shut up!
1. A quick reply expressing disbelief.  As if to say, “Really?”  "Ben Affleck just pulled in the driveway!”  “Shut up!" 

Back to Top shwagg
1. bad weed or marijuana. 

Back to Top sick
1. adj. a word to describe an extremely good trick in an extreme sport.  "That was a sick ollie over the stairs braw!"  2. very good. 

Back to Top skanch
1. adj. repulsive and skank-like (see "skank")  "Your girl ain't nothin' but a skanch queen!" 

Back to Top skank
1. n. More than a "hoochi-momma." A dirty, nasty promiscuous woman that no one would even touch.  "Check out that nasty skank over there." 

Back to Top skeen
1. 'I see now' or I understand. Used as a way of acknowledging that you get the picture.  "What you doing D? "I'm bout to get soma that candy from Sandy tonight!"  Oh skeen, then I'll holla at you tomorrow." 

Back to Top skeeza
1. an unattractive, yet promiscuous female.  (See "skank") 

Back to Top skied
1. (pronounced “skeed”) To be drunk or high. 

Back to Top Slab
1. n. an older classic car that is in great condition.  "Did you see Ray-Jay in that new slab rollin' down Peachtree? That whip is a beast!" 

Back to Top slammin'
1. adj. awesome or outrageous.  "That's a slammin' outfit!" 

Back to Top slanging
1. v. (pronounced "slangin'")  the act of selling any illegal substance.  "Check out Brian slanging rock on the corner." 

Back to Top sleepin'
1. To ignore someone or something.  "Don't sleep on that new Fifty record, it's hecka tight." 

Back to Top slingin
1. See "slangin'." 

Back to Top slippin'
1. adv. making mistakes  "Next time I catch Terry slippin on his game I'm gonna swoop in and pull Jackie cause she too fine." 

Back to Top slow steppin'
1. messing up or falling behind.  "You dropped the weed? Ah Dawg, you slow steppin!" 

Back to Top smack
1. n. heroin.  "He was so high on smack he didn't know what he was doing!" 

Back to Top smack down, the
1. 1. n. An action of enforcement, punishing or hurting.  Derived from a wrestling move called “the smack-down.”  "Man, if you don't stop buggin I'm going to lay da smack down!" 

Back to Top smak
1. (v) to describe a negative, usually derogatory, comment or conversation about (or to) another person.  "He be talkin' smak about you!" 

Back to Top Smash
1. Having sex.  "Camron thought he was gonna get something from me with his weak rap talkin' bout, "What up mommy can I smash that?" I told him, "Stop trippin' you know I'm waiting till I get that ring."" 

Back to Top smoke
1. v.  To shoot someone; to kill them gangster style.  "You bes keep on steppin’ or you gonna get smoked." 

Back to Top snap
1. see "oh snap!" 

Back to Top Sniffing Cheese
1. It's a drug containing a mixture of black tar heroin and Tylenol PM tablets crushed together. It's taken by sniffing it throught the nose.  Note: This is a very dangerous and addicting drug. 

Back to Top Soldiers
1. (pronounced sold-jas) A person (usually young male) who is committed to a cause; passionately lives out his/her conviction and willing to suffer or die for what they represent.  "Marcus is a real sodier in these streets.  That's why I like to hang with him." 

Back to Top spent
1. v. tired.  Also see "sprung."  "Man, I'm spent!" 

Back to Top spinners
1. car rims that still spin when you stop  "Check out those 22" spinners on Fred's Blazer!" 

Back to Top Spit
1. v. to rap or speak out.  "Gimmie the mic and I'll spit till the cows come home." 

Back to Top spittin' game
1. To try to impress someone of the opposite sex, or "picking up" on someone by sweet talking them.  "Check out Jose over there spittin' game." 

Back to Top spittin' knowledge
1. See "spittin’ game." 

Back to Top spliff
1. A marijuana cigarette 

Back to Top sprung
1. adj. To be obsessed with, usually in an amorous fashion.  "Vanessa's so sprung on Todd, he's all she talks about." 

Back to Top Squad
1. Your tribe, crew or group of friends that you hang out with.  "I was hanging with my squad when we saw this preacher cat commin' at us talking about "God loves us and stuff"." 

Back to Top square
1. Cigarettes.  "Hey man, you got any squares on you?" 

Back to Top squirrel
1. n. a hot female.  "Check out that squirrel over there." 

Back to Top steal
1. v. To hit someone or something.  "I'm gonna steal you in yo grill!" 

Back to Top step off
1. a retort used to warn someone to back away.  "You betta step-off!"  2. To threaten someone to leave one's belongings alone.  "Step off my back pack!" 

Back to Top sticking it
1. v.  sexual intercourse.  2. v. Pulling off a feat or trick. Landing a trick on a board, motocross bike, etc.  "Did you see Nathan sticking it out there on the wake board?" 

Back to Top stog
1. cigarette, short for "stogey." 

Back to Top stoked
1. adv. A skater or grunge term for extremely happy.  "Did you see that trick? I was stoked I landed it!" 

Back to Top straight
1. To be honest. 

Back to Top straight up
1. adv. A phrase uttered in the midst of any sentence when no other adverbs are available to memory. Similar to the old slang word "totally."  "He just straight up told me that he straight up liked me!" "Oh, straight up!"  2. Telling or asking someone something without messing around, or stalling; getting right to the point.  "I just saw Jimmy with Jessica!" "Straight up?" "Straight Up!" 

Back to Top strapped
1. adj. Carrying a weapon.  "Don't worry, I'm strapped with my nine." 

Back to Top sum- summ'm
1. (n.) Something. Derived from "some-something." Usually something good or of value.  "Do you got a little sum-summ'm for me?" 

Back to Top sup
1. See "wassup." 

Back to Top swayze
1. An exit announcement.  It literally means "I'm out like Patrick Swayze in the movie Ghost." 

Back to Top sweat box
1. n.  Small club 

Back to Top sweatin'
1. Trying to hit on someone.  "This guys been asking me for my digits all night, he's really sweatin' me." 

Back to Top sweet
1. adj./adv. (sometimes pronounced "saw-wheat") A late 80's term for very good, excellent.  "His corvette was sweet!" 

Back to Top swerve
1. See "get your swerve on." 

Back to Top Swisha
1. Short for Swisher Sweet cigars.  "JaRon been smokin' them swisha's and his breath stank!"  2. Slang for sweet or cool.  "Man my new shoes is swisha." 

Back to Top swole
1. Having large muscles.  "He just got out of prison, been workin' out all the time - now he all swole." 

Back to Top swolles
1. muscles 

Back to Top swoop me up
1. requesting someone to pick you up in their car.  "Swoop me up for school in the morning." 

Back to Top syrup
1. n. 'sippin on some syzzurp' A mixture of codeine induced cough medicine (usually perscription)along with rum or vodka and sprite.  Syrup sippin' induces a hallucinatory state in which everything appears slower.  "Sippin' on syrup is dangerous. November 2000 DJ Screw was found dead due to a heart attack resulting from a cough syrup overdose." 

Back to Top T Jones
1. n. Someone's mother or grandmother  "Hey Jay, let's go over to yo' crib, yo T Jones be cookin' up some good food." 

Back to Top tap
1. or "tap that a**."  To have sex with somebody.  "Hey dawg- I saw you with Katie.  Did you tap that a** or what?" 

Back to Top tap that
1.   "see 'tap'" 

Back to Top taxed
1. Overpriced.  Cost too much.  "Oh snap!  That stuff is taxed!" 

Back to Top that bites
1. a derogatory phrase exclaimed when the situation is not a good one. A phrase uttered when possibly unfair or unfavored circumstances are taking place. 

Back to Top that's whut's up!
1. An exhortation.  To highly agree with enthusiasm.  "I got a new whip.  That’s whut's up!" 

Back to Top thievin'
1. v. (derived from "thiefing") stealing. 

Back to Top this piece
1. a residence or place.  "We up in this piece." 

Back to Top thizang
1. thing  "Give me that thizang!" 

Back to Top Throwed
1. To get 'trashed' or 'waisted'.  To get so high or drunk that your on the brink of passing out.  "Me and my friends got so throwed last night that we had to get Jackie's big brother to drive us home." 

Back to Top thugged
1. adj. To be hardcore. To be in a state of gangsterized attitude.  "That fool is thugged out." 

Back to Top tight
1. adj./adv. an older term that still maintains its presence that means good or very nice.  "Man . . . did you see that lowered Cadillac? It was tight!"  2. mad, angry or upset.  "Yo, your pops is tight."  3. to get really intoxicated and or messed up on drugs.  "Yo dawg, we got tight as hell last night." 

Back to Top Tina
1. Slang for Crystal Meth.  ""I'm looking for Tina."" 

Back to Top tippin'
1. a driving manuver where you drive your car slowly and swerve from the left to the right till the car appears like it's tipping from side to side.
  "You can catch me out on dem roads, tippin' on dem 44's." 

Back to Top tool up
1. Get your gun ready.  Pick up your weapon and get ready to fight. Similar to "man-up".  ""Those fools was actin' wild, I thought it was time to tool up and drop some punks"." 

Back to Top tore up (pronounced "toe up")
1. adj. Messed up. Ugly or run down.  "Fix your hair, it's all tore up!"  2. Also refers to being under the influnece; drunk or high.  "Did you see Joe at the party last night, man, he was tore up." 

Back to Top treat 'em
1. to correct or confront someone with a learned necessity.  To teach someone.  "You betta treat 'em before I treat 'em." 

Back to Top tree
1. n. marijuana. 

Back to Top trick
1. A sexually active female.  "Yo Calvin.  Who’s that trick over there with Jamie?"  2. A person who spends money for sexual intercourse, usually in the context of prostitution.  Also used as a verb.  "Why is Tiffany turning tricks?" or "Oh, he’s just a trick." 

Back to Top triflin
1. v. To cheat on your boyfriend or girlfriend.  "Rick! Are you trifflin with Jackie? You better hope Tomeka don't find out . . . she'll open up a can on you!"  2. talking behind a friend's back, back stabbing. 

Back to Top trippin'
1. v./adv. (derived from "tripping" ) To act like someone who is hallucinating or on an acid trip. To do something that others find strange.  "Girl, why you trippin' . . . he ain't all that!" 

Back to Top tripping
1. v./adv. the effect of taking LSD (dropping acid). 

Back to Top troop
1. n. a long walk or trip.  "Taco Bell? That's a troop and a half." 

Back to Top true
1. a phrase said to express agreement, as if to say, "I agree" or "good point." 

Back to Top true dat
1. That's true. 

Back to Top try
1. to make fun of someone in front of a lot of people.  "Yo, he tried her." 

Back to Top tweaker
1. adj. Someone who is addicted to methamphetamine (crank, speed).  "Sally didn't sleep for over 40 hours, I'll bet she's a tweaker." 

Back to Top tweakin'
1. v. to act like someone who has taken Methamphetamine.  To be excessively hyper or energetic.  To act strangely. 

Back to Top tweaking
1. v. To snort or smoke methamphetamine (crank, speed). In some cases people will take it intervenously.  "Why are you figiting so much, have you been tweaking again?" 

Back to Top twist
1. v. Another way of indicating sex or a sexual act.  "I'm going to Rachel's house to twist her out." 

Back to Top twisted
1. Drunk or high.  "I've been drinking all day, I'm twisted." 

Back to Top up in
1. up in here, up in this place, up in that . . . A description of where you currently are, or are going.  "Yo, why you all up in here, I’m trying to sleep." 

Back to Top up my game
1. v. to improve your skills in an particular area.  "Now that I'm in the 10th grade I'm a have to up my game in talkin' to these honies." 

Back to Top ups
1. the ability to jump very high. (see "hops").  "Look, Billy's got mad ups!" 

Back to Top vogues
1. Wide wheels, sometimes with white walls. 

Back to Top wack
1. adj.  Weak, uncool, or poor quality. Something undesirable.  "That girl is wack." 

Back to Top wacked
1. see "wack." 

Back to Top wanksta
1. a “wanna-be” gangsta 

Back to Top wassup
1. (derived from "what's up?") What is going on? How is it going? Good to see you. 

Back to Top we're up
1. something said when it's time to leave.  "Hey, we're up!" 

Back to Top weak
1. adj.  no good, a bad situation.  "This is weak." 

Back to Top weaksauce
1. n. Joke that didn't quite make you laugh.  "That was weaksauce." 

Back to Top wha's crackulatin'
1. (derived from "What's crackulating?") What is going on? How is it going? Good to see you. When greeting someone say "Whas' crackulatin'?" 

Back to Top Wha’s really good?
1. Or “what’s good?”  A greeting.  When you see a friend, you say: "What's good, son?”  ""What's really good?"" 

Back to Top whasup
1. (derived from "what's up?") What is going on? How is it going? Good to see you. If you pass someone, bob your head once, raising your chin about an inch and say "Whasup?" 

Back to Top What it do
1. term used to say: What's up?  ""Hey kenfolk, what it do?"

Back to Top what up?
1. Wassup? 

Back to Top what's crackin?
1. See wassup?    (in some cities, it is said that certain gangs use “what’s crackin” and others use “what’s poppin” and you don’t want to say the wrong term.) 

Back to Top What's poppin?
1. see wassup? 

Back to Top whip
1. a car  "Yo’ T.  Lets hop in the whip and get up out of here." 

Back to Top who's your daddy!
1. An exclamation of victory or retort. A cry bellowed after a recent conquer. After dribbling past an opponent and scoring in basketball, yell "who's your daddy!" 

Back to Top whoobangin'
1. v. to communicate bad things about someone. To gossip. Also known as "talking trash."  "Quit your whoobangin and let's roll." 

Back to Top whoop
1. v. To beat up.  "You mad doggin me? I'll whoop you so bad your cousin will cry!"  2. To beat someone in a sport.  "We whooped their team 126 to 57!" 

Back to Top wicked
1. Very good, great. 

Back to Top wigga
1. A white person who thinks he’s black.  Derived from “white nig***” 

Back to Top Wipe
1. adv. to be defeated or whipped.  "Don't battle Terron, he will wipe you everytime cause that boy is raw!" 

Back to Top word
1. that’s correct, that’s all right, or that’s good.  "“I just got me a new ride!”  “Word.”" 

Back to Top word up
1. To affirm "that's the truth"  coined by the song "word up" released in 1986 by a band called Cameo. 

Back to Top worn
1. adj. (derived from “worn out”) Exhausted.  "Man, I'm worn." 

Back to Top wylin'
1. v. acting crazy or wild. Out of control  "Girl, I ain't goin over Nita's house no more after dark cause them fools be wylin' out!"  2. Tripping or doing something funny.  "Did you see Nick wylin on TV last night?" 

Back to Top X
1. n. Term used for the drug "Ecstasy." A pill used at Raves(parties). Sometimes called "E". 

Back to Top yezzur
1. slang for 'Yes Sir'. Made popular by Pharell on Snoop dogg's song, 'Let's get blown'  "Man did you git wit Gina last night? Yezzur!" 

Back to Top you feel me?
1. A question asked to make sure someone understands you or where you’re coming from.  See “feel me.” 

Back to Top young
1. adj. References something small or undersized, particularly an article of clothing.  "Look at that young shirt he's wearing!" 

Back to Top Youngboul
1. A term used to refer to someone who is younger than you, similar to 'my nephew'  "Lil' P is comin up on his B-ball skillz.  That youngboul's gonna run the court next year." 

Back to Top youngin
1. Or “young.”  A young boy on the street.  "What's up young?" 

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